how to cook the perfect steak


  • Steak - 350-500grams

Preparing your steak:

It's no secret, that salt and pepper are extremely important when seasoning your steak. I prefer using rock salt. Simply cover the top and bottom of your steak with rock salt and pepper, and leave sit for 15-30mins at room temperature.

Searing the steak:

Heat up a pan with a little oil, ensure that the oil is very hot ( slightly smoking) before putting the steak in. Make sure the sides of the steak are touching the sides of the pan, as this will melt away the fat and cook the sides more evenly. Cook for 1.5 minutes each side of the steak.

Allow to rest:

Remove the pan from the heat and, and leave the steaks to rest on a plate for approximately 1-2 minutes.

Cook further:

Option 1: On a medium heat, cook for a further 3 minutes each side.
Option 2: For an alternative, place the steaks into an oven for about 20mins to cook them through.

how to cook the perfect steak
how to cook the perfect steak
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