Pears in Red Wine


  • Caster Sugar - 1 Cup
  • Cinnamon - 2 teaspoons
  • Lemon Juice - A splash
  • Lemon Rind - Small Lemon
  • Pears - 4-6
  • Red Wine - 1 Bottle

Prepare Ingredients

This is a really easy recipe, that is so tasty, and can be prepared earlier in the day, or the night before.

To start with, peel your pears, leaving the stalk in tact at the top - you want to find pears that are ripe, but not soft to touch. The best pears are the red/brown ones, although green pears will work.

Simmer in Wine

In a pan, arrange your pears so that they are laying flat on their sides - and then pour in the entire bottle of red wine, just use a really cheap bottle, doesn't need to be fancy!

Sprinkle your cinnamon, sugar and lemon rind/juice into the liquid, and give it a stir until the sugar has dissolved.

Leave to simmer (not boiling) for around 30minutes, and turn the pears every 5-10minutes so that they are equally covered.

Once the wine mixture is about half of what it started as, and has thickened up nicely, remove from the heat.

Refrigerate, and Serve!

You can eat these hot or cold, but it is best to put them into the fridge for a few hours - then serve one pear to each person, drizzling a nice amount of sauce over the top, with a dollop of thickened cream.

Pears in Red Wine
Pears in Red Wine
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